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A new year means a new series of upgrades for the Miniature Folding Inc website.  This newsletter is designed to introduce our clients to the features and information that is available by visiting www.miniaturefolding.com.  We believe you will find this to be an extraordinary tool for researching services, submitting quotation requests, getting to know more about our quality control procedures, and staying current on recent happenings at Miniature Folding Inc.

The newly improved website has been re-tooled for easy navigation.  The layout is simple and all of the information you need is at your finger tips from the moment you visit the home page of the site.  On the home page you will find links to:

  • About Us
  • Services
  • Quality Control
  • Employment
  • Contact us

By simply clicking on any one of these you will be connected to the information pertaining to those specific areas.  There will also be a large box in the upper portion of the home page that will be used to showcase a particular service that MFI offers.  This will rotate through our many services periodically, and with a click of the mouse, will allow for our clients to request a finished sample for review.  This is a great way to gain understanding of the process we use and come up with creative ideas to best serve your customers packaging needs.

Additionally, if you take a look along the bottom of the page, you can click there as well to be linked to our services, quality controls, and “Whats New” articles.  The “Whats New at MFI” section is dedicated to showcasing services and discussing new, upgraded, and upcoming endeavors at Miniature Folding.

The homepage also contains a link for quotation submission.  By entering the specifications into the required fields, you will have provided us with enough information to begin the quotation process for you.  Our team will respond quickly, and this is a fast and easy way to reach us for pricing.  GIVE IT A TRY!

We strongly encourage all of our clients to visit the website as we continue to expand our services.  Miniature Folding is here to service ALL of our clients’ pharmaceutical and commercial finishing needs.

Outsert Folding (Up to 238 Panels)
– Insert Folding of Virtually any Size
-A Fully Dedicated Padding Department (Specializing in runs, kleen stick, etc)
– Tipping, Twinserting, and Placement Applications (Pick and Place; Great for phone cards, PI’s, Medication Guides, and much much more)