About Us: Pioneering Packaging Solutions

Founded in 1998, Miniature Folding Inc. is a customer-focused company that delivers specialized packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and personal care markets.

Our team has a proud history of delivering superior quality products to our customers on time, every time.  Customers rely on Miniature Folding Inc as their single bindery source convenience. Folding layout and design, innovative packaging ideas, and a wide variety of services have made us a one-stop destination for all of their post-press needs.

Superior Product Quality

With over 20 years of folding excellence, Miniature Folding Inc has acted as a leader and innovator in the bindery industry.  We have achieved this by working closely with our customers to best understand their needs and requirements.   We offer cost-saving alternatives to traditional layout and design when possible and strive to forge a partnership with our clients to produce the most cost-effective finished product.

Investments in Perfection

Our continuous investment in technology has increased productivity and reliability for both our customers and ourselves.  With the most up-to-date folding and bindery equipment available on the market, we are committed to staying current with trends in the industry.  In the last five years, we have nearly doubled our capacity and have added several new services to our already extensive list of post-press solutions.  We can now accommodate up to 2,000 square inches of copy!  

Perfection is an integral part of who we are and is the cornerstone of the value-enriched services we provide.  We give 100% Quality assurance! Our production lines are video-monitored seven days a week and our equipment is outfitted with bar code scanning equipment.  Our customers can rest assured knowing that their product is being monitored from the moment it enters our facility.