Due to new construction at our Elmwood Park facility, MFI would appreciate advanced notice of all van deliveries in the coming month.  Also, please remember that our loading docks are only capable of accommodating a 48 foot trailer.  Fifty three foot trucks will have difficulty using the docks.  We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

There is machine time available for customers who are looking to turn work around FAST.  Feel free to contact us anytime for questions or quotations!

  • Insert/Outsert Folding of Virtually Any Size (Up to 238 Panels)
  • Commercial/Large Format Folding/Gluing (Up to 25-3/4 Wide)
  • Gate Folding (Including Miniature Inserts)
  • Padding (High Volume, Dedicated Dept)
  • Tipping and Placement Applications (Phone cards, PI’s, Packets, Etc)
  • Wafer Sealing (Including Miniature Inserts!)

For more information, visit our website at www.miniaturefolding.com