Printers frequently come across unique projects that require very specific bindery equipment to complete.  Miniature Folding Inc is here to be your source for these niche projects.  In addition to our specialized padding, tipping/placement, wafer sealing, and twin-serting capabilities, MFI also offers gate folding services as well.

Gate folding is an interesting process in which we take the trimmed flat sheet and fold both edges inward to meet one another.  Here at Miniature Folding Inc we are capable of gate folding miniature inserts down to the desired finished size.

Gate folded products make an excellent presentation for promotional items, events, and consumer products.  These very interesting looking pieces are designed to peak the readers attention while also containing a large amount of valuable information about a product or service.

Feel free to contact us anytime about gate folding or any other of our unique bindery services:

  • Insert/Outsert Folding (Up to 26” wide and 238 panels!)
  • Padding (Dedicated department, Large volume specialists)
  • Tipping and Placement Applications (Cards, PI’s, Packets, etc)
  • Miniature Wafer Sealing (As small as 1-3/4 X 3)
  • Twin-Serting

View the gate folding process by watching the video below.