Miniature Folding Inc is committed to spreading the word about the many services that we offer to our clients that perhaps many of them are not aware of. While our company is usually associated with the miniature folding of product inserts and outserts, there are several other additional bindery functions that we can provide our clients with.

By offering more services we are hopeful that our clients will bid on a wider variety of jobs thus affording both parties more opportunities. Miniature Folding Inc has been a trusted vendor for hundreds of printers and we pride ourselves on our quality of work, confidential business practices, and the value we deliver to our clients.

This issue of our newsletter is dedicated to the wafer seal. While typically used in the direct mail and advertising industry as an effective way to seal mailed products, it is also very useful for closing folded PI’s and often serves as alternative option to fugitive glue. Wafer seals are usually clear or opaque in color and can even include a perforation along the open edge of the piece for easy opening by the end user.

Here at MFI we are capable of placing multiple wafer seals down in a single pass and can produce at a very high speed. We have found this service to be an excellent resource for our customers who are seeking a sealed piece without the use of glue. We are able to comply with mailing regulations and can also wafer seal light weight stock as well. We invite our valued customers to contact us anytime for a free wafer sealing quotation.

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