Miniature Folding Inc is currently accepting resumes for the position of “FOLDER OPERATOR-MECHANIC.” Qualified applicants must have the ability to setup and troubleshoot MBO and GUK Vijuk Equipment. Double and triple knife setup experience a plus. 3-5 years experience is a MUST. All resumes should be sent to

Job Description

Role and Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of our paper folding equipment. This will include changing sizes, troubleshooting, changing parts, and following ALL safety protocols associated with this equipment.
  • Must set up machinery to fold paper according to customer specifications and have the ability to make adjustments to sizes to properly fit our folding equipment.
  • Must be able to meet the production demands of our organization.
  • Must be able to properly troubleshoot and make fine adjustments.
  • Must properly fill out all quality control and cutting log paperwork in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures and CGMP’s.
  • Must seek the approval of quality control personnel prior to starting a new job.
  • Must be willing to load machinery, assist in shipping/receiving, count/jog paper, or support production when required by management.
Qualifications and Education Requirements
  • Strong interpersonal skill.
  • Strong mechanical aptitude.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • No formal education required.
Preferred Skills
  • Must have the basic ability to speak/read the English language.
Additional Notes
  • Must be capable of lifting 50lbs;
  • Must be capable of standing for long periods of time.