Quality Assurance

With over 20 years of folding excellence and quality assurance, Miniature Folding Inc has acted as a leader and innovator in the bindery industry.  We have achieved this by working closely with our customers to best understand their needs and requirements.   We offer cost saving alternatives to traditional layout and design when possible and strive to forge a partnership with our clients to produce the most cost effective finished product.

Quality Assurance Management Team

  • Our Quality Control Team is constantly monitoring the production floor and conducts in process product audits every two hours.
  • For the customer, this means that your product is under careful observation by a trained Quality Control Staff from the moment it is received in our building.
  • This conscientious team has the primary responsibility of monitoring, maintaining, and approving product specifications after it has followed our quality assurance plan, in order to uphold the highest level of quality.

Segregated Work Areas

  • All product lines are fully segregated to ensure the highest standard of product security management.

Bar Code Scanning

  • Virtually all of the machines we use are equipped with a bar code scanning devices capable of reading Codes: (C-128), (I-2 of 5), (C-39), (UPC-A) & (EAN-13).

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Our company has maintained a well developed manual of standard operating procedures to maximize consistency and quality of work.
  • All procedures run parallel or coincide with FDA cGMP’s in manufacturing, processing, packing, holding of drugs, and finished pharmaceuticals.

Video Surveillance

  • All product lines are under 24 hour video surveillance to maximize traceability and ensure our customer’s that their jobs are being constantly monitored.