Custom Hang Tags Service

Custom hang tags are small pieces of paper or cardstock that are attached to a product with a string or ribbon. Businesses and retailers often use these tags as a branding and marketing tool to promote products and provide additional information.

These hang tags come in various shapes, sizes and styles and can have a company logo, product information, care instructions, pricing details or other relevant information. They may be made from paper, cardboard, plastic or fabric.

Custom hang tags are often used for clothing, accessories, consumer goods and can establish a unique brand identity. They differentiate products from competitors and provide a polished, professional appearance.


Why Businesses Use Custom Hang Tags

Several key reasons make custom hang tags an important marketing asset for businesses selling physical products:

  • Branding: Reinforces brand identity through logos, fonts, colors matching a company’s visual style to make products stand out.
  • Product Information: Provides supplemental details like materials, care instructions, sizing that customers find valuable.
  • Marketing: Grabs attention with visually appealing shapes, finishes, special offers/discounts to spur sales.
  • Customer Experience: Shows attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, enhancing satisfaction.

In short, custom hang tags elevate shopping experiences and enable vital product messaging. They are versatile, impactful marketing tools for businesses selling physical goods.


Hang Tag Printing & Production

Making custom hang tags requires specialized printing equipment and techniques:

Printing Methods

  • Digital: Best for small batches and frequent design changes; enables full-color printing.
  • Offset: Very cost-effective for larger runs but requires custom plates.
  • Flexographic: Fast, flexible for simple one-two color designs.


  • Paper: Most affordable; available in various thicknesses, finishes and types.
  • Plastics: Durable, moisture-resistant; polypropylene commonly used.
  • Fabrics: Added visual interest and texture; muslin, burlap, linen popular choices.

Finishing Touches

  • Die Cutting: Unique custom shapes for compelling visual brand identity.
  • Foil Stamping: Metallic sheen and accents applied via foil printing.
  • Coatings: Gloss, matte or soft-touch coatings enhance durability.


Why Miniature Folding for Custom Hang Tags

With over 50 years of printing experience, Miniature Folding provides best-in-class custom hang tag services:

Printing Capabilities

Large-scale offset and digital printing handle jobs of all sizes with reliable quality up to 135 lines per inch. We print one to six spot colors plus aqueous coating.

Materials & Finishes

Extensive paper stocks/specialty materials inventory. In-house die cutting, scoring, folding, gold foiling and other finishes take tags to the next level.

Customer Service

Exceptional guidance and communication. Fast turnarounds, strict quality control procedures and rapid production scaling makes us a trusted partner.


Hang Tag Design Best Practices

Creating effective custom hang tag designs requires balancing visual appeal, branding, legibility, durability and cost:

  • Use adequate paper thickness and protective coatings to withstand handling.
  • Allow proper spacing between die cuts and text to prevent fraying.
  • Fold with grain direction to avoid cracking.
  • Place key information like materials, care instructions, sizing in consistent locations.
  • Position text/critical elements far enough from edges to avoid damage over time.
  • Consider string/fastener placement to keep text clear.
  • Use technical drawings to clearly communicate desired shape and design.

Partnering with experienced printers like Miniature Folding brings ambitious custom hang tag ideas to life flawlessly and affordably by identifying and troubleshooting any design considerations.



So, Are Custom Hang Tags Worth Investing In?

For businesses selling physical products, especially fashion, accessories, home goods or related products, custom hang tags deserve a place in omni-channel marketing and branding strategies.

Well-designed hang tags boost perceived value and quality while enabling vital product messaging unlikely to fit on the products themselves. The additional functionality and brand impressions hang tags provide make them a versatile marketing asset with outstanding ROI potential, given their low per-unit cost.

Knowledgeable printing partners like Miniature Folding ensure hang tags effectively represent brands while exhibiting the same level of quality and craftsmanship customers expect from the products.

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FAQs About Custom Hang Tags

What types of businesses use custom hang tags most often?

Apparel, fashion accessories, jewelry, home goods, pet products, toys and similar manufacturers commonly use hang tags to convey detailed, relevant product information. Any company selling physical products can benefit.

What printing options work best?

Digital printing provides excellent quality faster for small batches and easy design changes. Offset printing offers lower costs for bigger orders but requires custom plates. Discuss options with your printer to determine the best method.

How do I attach hang tags to products?

Ribbons, twine, ties, chains or thread attach hang tags. Work with your printing partner to choose attachment methods suiting your products. Some printers offer hole punching/perforating for different stringing options.

Should I buy generic stock hang tags or custom ones?

Custom enables full control over shape, size, materials, design, branding and information shared. This customization potential provides greater marketing impact. Quality and durability also tend to be higher.

How much do custom hang tags cost?

Prices vary greatly depending on size, materials, printing method and order quantity. Small paper tag runs can cost $0.20 per unit. Large offset runs on specialty materials with custom finishing range $1 – $3+. Discuss options to determine budget feasibility.