Glued outserts provide a convenient and effective way for brands to communicate essential product information to consumers right on packaging. However, quality and accuracy are paramount. Subpar materials or application can compromise adhesion and messaging. That’s why leading companies turn to Miniature Folding Inc. for glued outsert solutions. With over 20 years specializing in pharmaceutical and healthcare outserts, we deliver the highest precision, quality control and technical capabilities for even the most regulated industries.

What Are Glued Outserts?

A glued outsert is an informational sheet printed on paper, plastic, foil or other materials that is folded and adhered directly onto a product’s packaging using adhesive. Outserts contain critical product details like instructions for use, health and safety warnings, ingredients and supplementary content. Gluing the outsert to the exterior of a package ensures this information is highly visible and easily accessible to the consumer without having to open the product.


How Are Glued Outserts Used?

Glued outserts are commonly used across pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, cosmetic, consumer goods and other industries. They allow brands to communicate required details, warnings, disclaimers and additional content in a compact, convenient way while taking up minimal packaging space. Outserts also provide excellent branding real estate for images, logos, slogans and more.

Compared to printed package inserts, glued outserts reduce material waste and are more convenient for users to access. They also have advantages over labels, as outserts allow considerably more informational content on a folded, multi-panel format.

The Critical Importance of Quality Control

For glued outserts to be effective, quality control throughout the production process is imperative. Poor materials, printing, folding, gluing or inspection can jeopardize adhesion, presentation and accuracy of messaging. This leads to defective and noncompliant outserts which reflect poorly on a brand and, more importantly, can lead to improper product use or adverse reactions if information is incorrect or unclear.

For companies in regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, inferior outsert quality poses even greater risks beyond just brand reputation. Noncompliance with labeling and packaging regulations can result in hefty fines, legal action or even product recalls. Defective outsert adhesion can also be a safety issue if poor gluing causes outserts to detach during shipping and handling before reaching the end consumer.

With so much riding on execution, a glued outsert supplier with robust quality assurance and control capabilities is essential.

Why Miniature Folding is the Leader in Glued Outserts

With over 20 years specializing in folding and bindery services for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, Miniature Folding has the technical expertise and rigorous quality protocols required for successful glued outsert production.

Specialized Experience

With over two decades of experience serving major pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, Miniature Folding has an unmatched understanding of the outsert requirements for even the most regulated environments.

  • Decades serving pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and healthcare industries
  • Extensive expertise in medical device, cosmetic and consumer outserts
  • Unmatched knowledge of regulatory environments and precision required

Cutting-Edge Printing and Production Technology

  • Latest graphical, folding and gluing equipment
  • Customized gluing configurations for strong adhesion
  • Capacity to accommodate even very large, multi-page outserts
  • Efficient processes for fast turnaround times

Uncompromising Quality Control and Assurance

  • 100% video monitoring and verification of every outsert
  • Advanced barcode scanning to validate content accuracy
  • Rigorous visual inspections at multiple stages
  • Strict adherence to quality processes and documentation

Collaborative, Customer-Focused Approach

At Miniature Folding, we see every client relationship as a collaborative partnership built on understanding, communication, and service.

  • Consultative engagement to understand product and needs
  • Custom solutions designed to precise specifications
  • Continuous communication and project updates
  • Highly responsive, dedicated account management

With end-to-end production capabilities, industry-leading technology and an unrivaled commitment to quality, Miniature Folding delivers glued outserts companies can truly rely on.

Glued Outsert Options

With capabilities to produce small to very large multi-page outserts, we offer solutions including:

  • Small product outserts
  • Multi-panel folded outserts
  • Booklet style outserts
  • Right-angle outserts
  • Extended content outserts
  • Die cut outserts
  • And more

We also specialize in hand assembly services for gluing outserts onto bottles, cartons and other uniquely shaped substrates when automation is not feasible.

Our in-house printing, folding, gluing and inspection enables integrated, streamlined production for fast delivery without relying on multiple vendors.

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FAQs About Glued Outsert Production

What types of adhesives do you use for pharmaceutical outserts?

For pharmaceutical gluing, we use only approved toxicological adhesives to ensure safety. We select the optimal adhesive whether pressure-sensitive or heat-activated to get reliable adhesion every time.

What folding methods do you use?

Our advanced folding machines precisely fold outserts according to the customer’s specifications, whether single-page or complex multi-panel designs. We also perform manual folding for unique products.

How are Miniature Folding’s inspection processes different?

Our multi-point inspection process goes well beyond the industry standard including barcode scanning to verify each outsert down to the individual serial number and personalized graphics matching.

How do you ensure outserts adhere securely?

We conduct customized adhesion and bond testing on every substrate and adhesive combination to dial in optimal gluing parameters and dwell times for reliable, consistent adhesion.