Glued Outserts

Glued outserts refer to a type of packaging component that is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide important information about medication, including instructions, warnings, and dosage information.

An outsert is a folded piece of paper or plastic that is printed with this information and is then inserted into a package or container along with the medication itself. In the case of a glued outsert, the outsert is affixed to the outside of the container or package, rather than being inserted inside. This can be done using a variety of adhesive methods, such as pressure-sensitive adhesives or heat-activated adhesives. Miniature Folding Inc. can produce folded outserts up to 294 panels delivering detailed product information in a small package that is glued closed for end packaging.  Also known as right turn angle outserts.

Glued outserts can be a useful packaging solution in situations where inserting an outsert into the package is not feasible or desirable. For example, if the package is very small or has an irregular shape, it may not be possible to fit an outsert inside. Gluing the outsert to the outside of the package can also make it more visible and accessible to the user, as they do not have to open the package to access the information.

Glued outserts are often used in folding services to provide additional information or marketing material to a product’s packaging. An outsert is a folded piece of paper or cardboard that is attached to the outside of a package, typically via glue, and contains information about the product or instructions for use.

Why is it important for Glued Outserts to have good quality control?

  • Accuracy of information: Outserts typically contain important information, such as dosage instructions, safety warnings, and ingredients. If this information is inaccurate or incomplete, it could have serious consequences for the end user, such as taking the wrong dose of medication or experiencing an allergic reaction.
  • Compliance with regulations: Many industries, such as pharmaceuticals and food, are subject to strict regulations governing the labeling and packaging of their products. If outserts do not comply with these regulations, it could result in fines, legal action, or even the recall of the product.
  • Adhesion quality: Glued outserts must adhere securely to the package or container, otherwise they may fall off or become damaged during shipping or handling. If the outsert falls off, the user may not have access to important information, which could result in incorrect usage or unsafe conditions.
  • Brand image: Outserts are often one of the few pieces of communication that customers have with a product. Poor quality outserts, such as those with blurry text, incorrect colors, or low-quality paper, could give customers a negative impression of the product or the company.

To ensure that glued outserts meet these requirements, quality control measures must be in place throughout the production process. This can include visual inspections, printing checks, adhesive strength tests, and other quality control measures. By ensuring high-quality glued outserts, companies can provide accurate information, comply with regulations, and maintain a positive brand image, all while promoting the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

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