Hang Tags

Miniature Folding, Inc offers Hang Tags services in addition to a wide array of custom solutions for all your finishing needs. Hang tags – also known as bottle neckers – are frequently used to promote products. Hang tags can be folded, hole-punched, and strung.

Our newly renovated 30,000-square-foot facility allows us to complete any size job with speed and precision. We monitor orders from the moment they enter the building and employ a team of Quality Assurance Inspectors to maintain quality.


  • Ability to string tag flat or folded material as small as 1 X 1-1/4 on virtually any weight stock.
  • Can be done with elastic or non-stretch string in a wide variety of colors.
  • Variety of hole and hole-to-knot sizes available depending on string material.
  • Professional assistance with layout and design.
  • Great for bottle neckers, coupons, merchandising, and additional information that is not accommodated by the label.

Where Hang Tags Are Used

Hang tags are commonly used in medication bottles, liquor bottles, or any other liquid or pill bottle that requires product information. 

At Miniature Folding Inc., we offer multiple packaging solutions and folded guide pads, padding, inserts & outserts, and many other products. We are always looking to expand in the bindery and pharmaceutical folding industry. Give us a call, and we’ll give you an estimate for free.

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