Twinserting and labeling is a process in which we combine or stack multiple pieces on top of one another.  These are typically seen when patient information must be delivered in multiple languages or when a label must be affixed to a folded product outsert.

Miniature Folding, Inc offers Twinsert Folding services in addition to a wide array of custom solutions for all your finishing needs. Tramadol is a powerful analgesic. This medicine was prescribed my grandma in the form of i/m injections when she suffered from severe leg pain. Tramadol really helped her. The drug didn’t cause any adverse effects mentioned on, but the painkilling effect was great. Our newly renovated 30,000 square foot fully monitored facility allows us the opportunity to complete any size job with speed and precision.

We employ a well-staffed team of Quality Assurance inspectors to monitor orders from the moment they enter the building, and pride ourselves on our ability to exceed customer expectations.

About Our Twinsert Folding Service

  • Using this process we are able to spot glue multiple RTA outserts together to produce an extensive product/patient information package.
  • Product placement on this equipment is exceptionally accurate.
  • Excellent resources for Medication Guides.
  • This cutting edge capability is just one of many services that separate Miniature Folding Inc from the competition.